Wrap around skirt

These popular skirts are always made in a unique colour range within the five sizes


These are     6/8/10   10/12   12/14   14/16   16/18/20 


Skirts are printed in one of Master Furse's designs or made up in patchworked panels

taken from his former collection fabrics.

They cost £40.00  but for this you are infact getting seven different styles of skirt as

they  can be tied and worn in a number of ways... as follows:

Always button first at the side.

 Tie ribbons:  inside front & outside on back.

                      inside back & outside front.

                         All four ribbons tied together at the back.

                     Place skirt on back-to- front, which gives you a longer length for

                            colder  windy days

                     Again, above methods can be repeated.

                     For a whole new look, simply put on the skirt on inside out,

                     the back lining becomes the front & then you tie inside back and

                           outside front ribbons.


                                                 Price:  £40.00         Now    £35.00



                                        Front View


                                           Side View


                                          Back View


 Skirts worn open, They can be placed over leggings or trousers,

for extra warmth and added style on those cold winter days.