Master Furse Fabrics

 Master Furse creates alot of  the fabrics he works in, by printing his own unique hand drawn designs.

 Dying his fabric to produce his own natural colourways.

He patchworks together his former collection off cuts to create a story board image of  texture.

Hand worked unique stitched designs will also to added to garments, these are complete one offs as are alot of his work.

 This Season as scene below






This Autumn/Winter he is working with off cuts of his former collection fabrics in new ways and finishings.
There is a new print design on its way, which this year is a repeat print, of leaves and flowers i have collected from this time of the year.
I've always bought my fabrics from a local source and in keeping with my eco principles I use end of factory production rolls.
 All offcuts are saved and used in future collections.